4 Signs Your Marriage May Not Make It

How do you know when a marriage is about the end? Is it possible that the rocky patch isn’t going to fade away? Can you stick it out with someone you don’t know anymore? Divorce is problematic because it means accepting the end of something extremely special and personal. Sometimes, though, that change could happen because the bond isn’t there anymore and cannot be restored. The following are four signs that your relationship is at a breaking point. Seek professional help to restore the marriage.

1. You Live in Silence

Silence isn’t golden in a marriage; it is a breaking point because it means you no longer care enough to work hard and get through the tough things. When you stop communicating, you and your partner are choosing distance rather than bridging. That quiet isn’t healing anything. You could reach out to a marriage counselor for help or a Tampa Divorce Lawyer to discuss possible options.

2. You Focus on Criticism

When you first started dating, you most likely gave each other sweet compliments. Did you like an outfit? Did someone go out of the way to do something special? When a relationship hits a hard patch, those kind words may turn harsh, focusing on the negative instead of the positive.

3. You Lack Physical Interest

Marriage is about communicating and sharing life. It is also about an intimate attraction. If you or your spouse is avoiding affection, then be concerned. Kisses, sex and holding hands show a desire to reach out for each other. Seek a counselor to discuss whats to bring this back into the marriage.

4. You Avoid Each Other

Couples don’t always share the same interests, but they usually enjoy time together. This may not be every second, but it happens throughout the week, even in small intervals. Avoidance isn’t good as it means someone doesn’t want to be near the other person, causing a rift that may not be healed. Try talking about why this distance is occurring and finding something you both want to do.

Is it time to say goodbye? Are you worried about what might happen? The following four signs could indicate that the relationship though is heading in the wrong direction. Be aware of these signals, and seek aid from professional marriage counselors to guide you in this journey. If that doesn’t help, then a divorce attorney could assist you in dissolving the union.