4 Types of Training Every Executive Assistant Should Consider

Continuing education is something many professions require, but for executive and administrative assistants, that isn’t usually the case. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be considering ways to improve your current skills or add new ones. Here are some suggestions that would be useful for office assistants.

Notary Public

Becoming a notary public is a great option for office personnel because there are numerous ways to put this certification to use. Many businesses have a need for documents to be notarized from time to time, and the process for how to become a notary in Florida is relatively simple. There are valuable characteristics associated with being a notary, as well. These include compliance, trustworthiness, and organization.

Project Management

Adding a project management certificate to your resume will show current or prospective employers that you have communication and leadership skills. This type of training will improve your ability to plan and execute the many assignments you are tasked with on a regular basis, as well as give you the confidence to tackle larger, more complex projects.

Data Analytics

The ability to analyze data is helpful in practically every profession. As an executive assistant, you could use this skill to measure performance, improve operations, or retarget marketing efforts. Whatever the specific duties of your job, you can find a way to use data analysis.

Emotional Intelligence

Improving your emotional intelligence (E.Q.) will provide benefits across your personal and professional lives. A person with a high E.Q. is adept at identifying and controlling emotions. With this kind of training, you may improve your self-awareness and conflict management. Adding this soft skill to your repertoire could be incredibly beneficial to your work performance and your emotional wellbeing.

Growing your skillset is a great way to make your resume stand out or improve your performance at your present job.