Besides Lawyers, These 8 Jobs Are Suitable For Law Graduates

Law Faculty students must be familiar with thousands of articles and the history of the formation of legal rules in Indonesia, so it is only natural that after graduation there is a sense of pride and relief. Law graduates are usually associated with a court, a series of hearings, or criminal cases.

In fact, there are still many other professions that you can pursue with law graduates. It is also possible if you even want to become a businessman. So that you who are in college or who have just graduated and are looking for work do not feel stuck, see some of this work. Of course, it is still very suitable for the law degree.

Legal staff

Legal staff job positions are needed in many companies, ranging from banks, property, to hospitals. Legal scholars have a great opportunity to work as legal staff because they master the knowledge of company assets, work agreements and other important files. This work gives you the opportunity to enter various other business sectors.

law consultant

Unlike legal staff in offices, legal scholars working as consultants usually work in institutions. You will apply knowledge related to articles and review of documents for legal purposes such as a trial. Usually an office that is expanding will find a consultant to discuss the completeness of the documents and procedures for the process.


A law graduate can also work as a teacher or dose. Of course a law degree is not enough, you need to go to school again before you can enroll as a lecturer. At a minimum, you have to complete S2 level education before you can apply to become a lecturer.

Ministry staff

If you follow developments and news, of course you will know that many ministries need law graduates. Not just being a staff member, if you are of good quality, you can get a career increase and become a minister. If you haven’t had the chance to try or haven’t graduated as a law graduate, don’t be sad!. Keep monitoring the news and ministry websites that you are looking for, vacancies for law graduates are certainly open.


If you have aspirations to work abroad for the sake of the country, you can try the diplomat profession. You will be the representative of the nation who lives in another country. You will get many new colleagues, of course, in the country of duty. So, legal scholars have a great opportunity to be able to move around the country doing their jobs if they work as diplomats.

Notary Public

Of course this profession is also familiar to you. To become a notary, you also need to go to school again and take the Notary Masters program. Notary profession is one that is enjoyed by law graduates because in addition to being able to practice at home, it is not bound to a company. Later you will take care of letters such as house deeds, land deeds, company ownership deeds.

HR staff

Not only psychology graduates who can have a career in the field of resources. Graduates of law graduates also have the opportunity to work as HRD. Legal experts who become HRDs can certainly be assigned to re-evaluate the company’s rules relating to employment. HRD is also tasked with explaining the legal provisions in using BPJS or because of that law graduates are needed because they understand the law and related articles.


Being an entrepreneur is not new to law graduates. You will be helped because you know the legal terms and processes that need to be passed. For example, if you want to have a property business, you will know the complete documents that must be there. In essence, your ability as a law graduate will complement the talent of entrepreneurs who can be your source of income later. So, you prospective law graduates have imagined, don’t you want to have a career in what field?