Damage Recovery Following a Construction Site Accident

One of the top aims of working with a New York construction accident lawyer is to find a way to recover all of the damages you may have lost as a result of an accident. You’ll find that there are more damages that you would expect that could be recovered, offering you more compensation than you might ever believe was possible. Keep reading to discover the top ways a New York construction accident lawyer can help you to enjoy a good quality of life following any type of construction site accident.

Medical Bills

The first priority when it comes to working with a New York construction accident lawyer on damage recovery is your medical bills. You’ll find that these need to be covered to ensure you receive the treatment you need and make sure you can return to your usual quality of life as soon as possible. Medical bills can soon add up in New York, but we’ll be here to ensure every single dollar of your treatment is covered. No matter how major or minor your injury was, ensure you keep the receipts for everything you’ve been billed so far. This will help us to put together a claim that will recover all of these costs in the future.

Physical Therapy

After the main medical expenses are covered, we need to think about how you can look after yourself moving forward. Don’t forget to account for physical therapy costs. This service will keep your recovery going long after your initial treatment and help you if you are planning to return to work. A good New York construction accident lawyer will help you figure out how long you might need to receive treatment to ensure you don’t injure yourself again. One thing to keep in mind when working with our team is we want to take the pressure off you during this difficult time. We will take care of all of the stress to ensure you start recovering slowly and don’t have to rush back to work.

Time Off Work

Many accidents in construction sites require the victim to take a fair amount of time off from work afterward. If you haven’t been able to work since the day of your incident, you need to ensure you are still helping to provide something for your family. You can’t be expected to just not work for months on end, but if this is the case for you, make sure you put this into your insurance claim. Some people can never return to work in the construction industry, so you may need to account for the time that’s needed to find a new job or retrain. While you might be scared to think too far ahead straight after an accident, it’s so important to discuss this with your New York construction accident lawyer. We know how tough this time in your life can be, but we will help you to find your way back to normality where possible.

Therapy Services

We often tend to neglect the mental health impact of a construction site accident. This is one industry where mental health still isn’t a very open topic, but more attention has been given to it in recent years. Both the victim and anyone who was around at the time may need to work with a professional therapist to help them overcome issues they are facing following an accident. PTSD is very common after falls from construction sites, and our team of New York construction accident lawyers knows just how important it is to receive treatment for this condition. Don’t be afraid to speak up about how you are feeling as far as your mental health, and we’ll do all we can to point you in the right direction to offer you the support you need.

Transportation Costs

Transportation to and from the hospital can cost a fortune in New York, but we’ll be here to make sure everything is covered from the minute you were injured through until the current time. If you also have to find a new way to get around the city, we’ll fight to ensure you receive the compensation you need to make your life more comfortable. There’s nothing worse than not being able to do your usual activities following an accident. If that’s the case for you currently, we’ll work with you to find a replacement transportation option that we can claim with your insurance. On top of that, if your vehicle was damaged at a construction site in New York, a New York construction accident lawyer can assist with this too. No incident is too big or small for us to deal with, and we’ll be happy to help make your life more enjoyable after this traumatic time.

Mental Health Concerns

Finally, a huge issue we are seeing more and more of following construction site accidents is mental health concerns. This could be as a result of the accident itself, or maybe you were a witness to something at work. Depression and anxiety can stay in your life for years to come, and you can be sure that they’ll impact your life if you don’t receive the treatment you need. We recommend asking for mental health support straight away following your accident, so you can take back control of your life and enjoy yourself once again.

As you can see, there are many unexpected damages that a New York construction accident lawyer can help you to claim back following an accident. No matter what situation you find yourself in at work, we’ll be happy to fight for you to receive the full compensation you need to enjoy your life once again. Our team of New York construction accident lawyers will be here to support you during this trying time. If you have any questions about the damages we can help recover, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you see the damages you could recover and ensure you get the full compensation you truly deserve for any type of construction incident.