Getting To Know About Insurance Adjusters

If you have insured anything like your car or home, there is a possibility that you will deal with an insurance adjuster at one point. Insurance adjusters come into play when you file a claim. Their role is to document the damage and determine how much an insurance company should pay you for repairs. Most insurance adjusters work under the insurance company, but some are independent contractors outsourced by different insurance companies. Here is what you need to know about insurance adjusters.

Types Of Insurance Adjusters

Here are three types of insurance claim adjusters you need to know about:

  • Public insurance adjusters: These types of adjusters work for the policyholder. Most people hire them because they will reassess the situation and can help increase your settlement from what the insurance is offering.
  • Staff insurance adjusters: These insurance adjusters only work for one insurance company that has hired them as staff members.
  • Independent insurance adjusters: Instead of having an insurance adjuster on the payroll, most insurance companies would rather outsource independent adjusters when policyholders file a claim. Hiring an independent insurance Adjuster CO-based is much more affordable, especially when an insurance company does not have an office in the area where a claim has been filed. Independent adjusters work for multiple insurance companies.

What Happens When A Claim Is Filed?

When filing a claim, whether a personal injury or property damage, you expect to be compensated for the loss. But without insurance adjusters, both you and the insurance company will not know the exact amount you are entitled to. Here is a guide on the steps to take.

File A Claim

After you have been in an accident, one of your duties is to contact your insurer and let them know about it. Ensure that you have collected all the necessary evidence and documentation, as that will help make the process easier.

An Adjuster Assessing The Damage

The insurance adjuster will visit you and ask you questions regarding the accident. The adjuster will also assess the damage caused and determine whether you are to be reimbursed for repairs or replacing the damaged item. If it is a bodily injury, ensure that you have receipts for all the medical expenses you incurred from the accident.


Once the adjuster is done, a report is sent to the insurance company, after which you will be reimbursed. The length of this process varies depending on the insurance company and the circumstances. However, after the adjustment is done, you should be able to receive your compensation soon.


If you do not agree with the amount being offered by the insurance company, you can dispute the offer. Most people hire personal injury attorneys at this point to help them out. Others hire public insurance adjusters to reassess the damage and tell them whether the settlement they are getting is fair.

Insurance companies have a duty to settle a claim with a policyholder whenever an accident occurs. An insurance adjuster is the party in-between that ensures one is compensated fairly. The adjuster will assess the situation, see the extent of the financial harm done, then advise both the insurance company and the policyholder.