How to Migrate to Cyprus

The world has become smaller over the years. Unlike in the past, travelling from one continent to another has become relatively easy. It takes a few hours to travel from Africa to Europe and vice versa. This has made it easier for people from expensive places to move to less-expensive places. In fact, many American retirees are moving to less expensive European countries. In this article, we will explain simple steps for moving to Cyprus.

Why Move to Cyprus?

There are several reasons why many people are moving to Cyprus. First, Europe is usually relatively similar to the United States. The infrastructure is developed well and the type of healthcare is actually better. Second, Europe has a close relationship to the United States. This relationship can be traced to many centuries ago. Third, Cyprus has some of the lowest corporate taxes in the world. Last but not least, Cyprus has great beaches, is highly secure, and has great weather.

Visit Cyprus First

The first step if you want to migrate to Cyprus is to first visit the country. This is a preliminary step because you want to assess whether Cyprus is a place you would love to live. It will also help introduce you to the country. You should also ask many questions about the country’s life.  It is a necessary step if you have not been to Cyprus. To do this, you can use the normal tourist visa. This is a visa that is easy to get and one that does not require a lot of money.

Carefully Plan the Migration

After you have visited the country, you should start planning the process. In this stage, you should ask yourself a number of questions. First, ask whether Cyprus is your ideal country to move to. Second, ask yourself whether there are alternative countries that you would love to move to. Third, ask yourself whether you will travel alone or with your family members. Also, ask yourself what you will do with your present belongings. These belongings include houses, cars, and other assets.

Have a Good Lawyer

The next step is where you hire a good immigration lawyer like Pavlaw. This is not a necessary step but its one that can help you greatly. The attorney is essential especially when you want to take advantage of the country’s investment passport. The passport gives you a passport if you invest more than $2 million. You get permanent residence if you invest more than $200k.


The final step is moving to Cyprus. If you want to move permanently to Cyprus, we recommend that you sell your items instead of moving with them. Selling will help you reduce the costs of movement.


Cyprus is a great country for you if you are considering a retirement or a place to do business. It is a developed country with quality roads, good healthcare industry, and good airports. It has seen many people move to the country. Following these steps will make it easy for you to move and settle in the country.