Important Steps When Experiencing a Work Accident

Experiencing a work accident is a risk that workers must be aware of. When you have a work accident, it will definitely affect your daily activities. Therefore, you must know what steps are needed when you have a work accident. Here are some important steps when experiencing a work accident:

Work Accident

1. Focus first on your injury

Whether minor or severe, any type of injury must be treated quickly. Even a minor injury can have a very high risk of becoming a lifelong problem if not treated properly and quickly. Therefore, you must quickly get medical help as a whole after experiencing a work accident. Especially if the injury occurs to the head, don’t think about absences or work debts at the office. Your safety should be the top priority.

2. Report to the company

After the incident, you must report the accident to the superior appointed to handle work accident complaints. Companies are also required to report any accidents or the impact of work accidents that affect employees. Reports must be submitted since the employee is declared to have an illness, disability, or even dies after experiencing a work accident. If you can’t self-report because the injury is so serious, make sure a colleague or family member can help report the details of the incident on your behalf.

3. Save the evidence of the accident

This stage is important so that you can file a compensation claim later. Record videos or take as many photos of the scene as possible. Make copies of all the documents resulting from the medical examination that you underwent. Also note any symptoms or complaints that you experience. Because, it is not impossible that a minor injury will turn into a more serious one as time goes by. If you have a single accident, make sure a family member or closest co-worker knows about the incident. Getting as many witness statements as possible can corroborate the evidence you have so that the company cannot deny the accident actually happened. Telling about accidents to office friends can also help them to be more careful so as to avoid the same accidents.

4. Handover work to colleagues

You may need some sudden leave after a work accident. Especially if the injury is serious enough. So that you can focus on recovery, it’s a good idea to delegate work to colleagues in a team or division. Also ask him for help to supervise and record any changes made by the company after you have a work accident.