civil lawA sequence of pamphlets dealing with civil legislation. The Civil Regulation Division defends the constitutionality of Pennsylvania regulation, represents Commonwealth agencies, defends the Commonwealth in tax appeals, collects delinquent taxes and different money owed owed to the Commonwealth, handles or supervises varied appeals and evaluations Commonwealth contracts, regulations and bond issues for form and legality.

To a lesser extent, different states previously a part of the Spanish Empire, equivalent to Texas and California, have also retained features of Spanish civil law into their legal system, for example group property The authorized system of Puerto Rico reveals similarities to that of Louisiana: a civil code whose interpretations rely on each the civil and customary legislation techniques.

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It defends the constitutionality of Pennsylvania law; represents Commonwealth agencies and their workers in the course of their job duties; collects taxes and other debts owed to the Commonwealth including by litigation of tax appeals to the Commonwealth Court; opinions Commonwealth contracts, laws and bond issues for kind and legality; acts as a plaintiff in authorized matters involving points of serious state and national significance together with litigation on policies and actions of the federal authorities; and handles all manner of civil appellate litigation for the Commonwealth.