Motorcycle accident claim process

As a result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, you might be entitled to compensation. That is a very confusing process for many riders, and it is vital to have someone on your side from the beginning. Learn more here about the motorcycle accident claim process and lists some steps after an accident by looking at the following guide.

Understand Your Rights After a Motorcycle Accident

To hold another party responsible for the damages that resulted from an accident, you must prove three aspects:

The other party owned you the duty of care

This duty was breached/broken (that person failed to act as a “reasonable” or prudent person would have under the same circumstances)

This breach of duty caused your damages (how the motorcycle accident harmed you both physically, mentally, and financially)

               After proving these three aspects, you can recover compensation for any injuries and losses you sustained because of the accident. Also, if anyone else was injured in the accident, their rights might have been violated too. You may be able to bring a separate claim against an at-fault party on their behalf as well. For instance, if someone died in a motorcycle crash, loved ones can file a wrongful death suit on their behalf.

Steps for Taking After a Motorcycle Accident

 If you have been in an accident and sustained injuries, you should undertake the following steps:

vSeek medical attention immediately. Do not assume that your injuries are minor and will go away independently even if you feel fine. It is always better to err on the side of caution and seek treatment when necessary. As soon as possible, get X-rays or other diagnostics done to assess your injuries properly.

vTake pictures at the scene of the crash with a disposable camera or digital camera (if no one else has). Get photographs of all vehicles involved, damage to your motorcycle, skid marks, and traffic signs/light signals near the site. Having this documented evidence will prove invaluable in the claims process. However, if you are in shock, confused, or disoriented due to the accident, it’s important not to make any statements about what happened.

vNote down your injuries as soon as you can. Without a record of your injuries, it is complicated to prove that they existed/are still affecting you.

If you’ve filed an insurance claim for your injuries or damages arising from a motorcycle accident, you should immediately alert the authorities to it. If possible, immediately contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to represent you throughout the claims process. You also need to contact the police department to make sure an incident report gets created and if anyone has been charged with reckless driving or other criminal violations resulting in injury.

Accident reports are necessary to get accurate information about the chain of events that contributed to the accident. This is important when determining faults. It’s also helpful for obtaining information on potential witnesses, who your lawyer can interview later.

Why hire Motorcycle Accident Attorneys?

 In particular, through the help of a professional lawyer, you can avoid going to court, which saves you time and money. Your lawyer will conduct his investigation into the accident and determine who is liable. That will let your attorney handle negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf, so you don’t need to worry about what might happen with your claim.

Your lawyer will work to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible for the damages. That could include medical bills, emotional suffering, income loss, or loss of consortium. Most professional lawyers have aggressive negotiation skills. Such expertise proves to be invaluable when trying to achieve the best results after an accident. If necessary, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help ensure that necessary medical treatment is paid for promptly while dealing with the other party’s insurance company.