What are the Main Causes of Car Accidents in Atlanta?

Atlanta is known to be a bustling, fast-paced city that never sleeps. After the sun sets, the city transforms into a rather different place, one where drivers anxiously try to make their way through winding highways and twists and turns of familiar routes. And car accidents are pretty common sites on these roads.

Car accidents in Atlanta can sometimes take a serious toll on the victim’s life. That is why it is essential to consult an Atlanta car accident lawyer to deal with their aftermath. A car accident lawyer can represent you in court when an insurance company tries to give unfair compensation by using unfair tactics. These lawyers have the expertise to prove that the insurer was wrongfully denying liability or delaying the settlement process.

For now, we will see into the common causes of car accidents in Atlanta.

  • Distracted driving

Distracted drivers make Atlanta roads a dangerous place. This is because distracted driving is deemed to be one of the major causes of car accidents in Atlanta. Distracted driving can happen when people are driving and talking on their phones or listening to music. Driving while using these devices is highly dangerous and most times, inexcusable.

  • Aggressive driving

Aggressive driving is a common cause of accidents in Atlanta. In fact, aggressive drivers drive way too fast and cut lanes, especially at night. These types of drivers can’t be reasoned with, and some even choose to purposefully crash the car into things such as guard rails, animals, pedestrians, and even other vehicles.

  • Speeding

Speeding is dangerous. A driver who drives faster than the speed limit poses danger to everyone on the road, especially those who are close behind and in front of the speeding vehicle. As a result, the speeder can cause an accident and even take lives.

  • Drunk driving

Driving is not only a privilege but also a responsibility. This goes to say that while we are being responsible behind the wheel, there are those who seem to think otherwise and get behind the wheel while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

  • Poor weather conditions

When cars are forced to move at high speeds in inclement weather, the likelihood of accidents increases. This is because most drivers don’t have the time to pay attention to the road and its conditions. They often fail to see potholes and other road hazards that can cause accidents.